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Tapy is a web design, development, and marketing firm created to elevate small businesses from local legends to Forbes 500 contenders. Because we set our goals so high, we have to be selective about who we work with. If you have already spoken with a Tapy representative, please visit the exclusive URL that they shared with you or contact the representative directly.

If you were referred here or stumbled across our website, please Request an Interview so that we may evaluate your company. We’re looking for small businesses with big ambitions and world-changing ideas—yours could be next!

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The Cat’s Meow

Step back in time to the roaring ’20s at The Cat’s Meow, once known as the American House Railroad Hotel. This revitalized historic restaurant carries on the legacy of fine food, excellent service, and good old-fashioned character....


SEOlogy adds value to websites. Valuable websites attract real customers. Real customers boost search rankings. Boosted search rankings bring more business to already valuable websites.  Our mission and our passion is to make your website valuable to users AND to search engines, using only “white hat” tactics....

The Watering Trough

The Watering Trough Restaurant and Bar has a passion to provide the best food, drink, and atmosphere in town. With a menu that ranges from simple dishes to stellar surf’n’turf, it is the perfect spot for an evening of dining and drinking. Bring your friends, bring your family, or bring a date–The Watering Trough takes...